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About Us

"Our mission is to provide a wide range of high-quality party products at affordable prices, ensuring that every celebration is made memorable with our exceptional offerings."

An epic tale that unfolds over a century.

Modest origins

In the quaint backdrop of creativity and festivity, 7Circles Balloons and Party Decoration had its humble beginnings. What started as a small venture driven by a passionate team with a flair for designing captivating party decorations soon evolved into a beacon of celebration in the events industry.

ballon decoration
Ballon decoration
7Circles is Born

Our journey started from a small Dollar store in Austin, TX and transformed into online party supply company known as 7 Circles Party Supply with help and support of our loyal customers and a dedicated team. With a dedication to providing exceptional quality and unmatched artistry, 7Circles swiftly gained recognition as a trusted name in the party decoration industry.


The years that followed saw 7Circles continually pushing boundaries and redefining party decorations. Innovation became the cornerstone, as the company introduced new concepts, designs, and techniques that left a lasting impression on every event. From intimate celebrations to grand corporate gatherings, 7Circles brought a touch of magic to every occasion.

baby shower decoration
balloon decoration

Today, 7Circles Balloons and Party Decoration stands as a testament to a journey fueled by passion, creativity, and dedication. With a firm foothold in both traditional and digital realms, the brand continues to be a trendsetter, setting the stage for unforgettable celebrations. Each balloon, every piece of decor, and all the intricate details woven by 7Circles reflect a commitment to making moments memorable and celebrations extraordinary.

As we step into the future, 7Circles Balloons and Party Decoration remains committed to crafting captivating experiences that transcend time, making every circle of life a joyous and vibrant celebration. Join us as we continue to weave dreams, one balloon at a time.

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